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- CHAPTER 14 - Early Ancestors of Some of Our Daltons Wives: Researched, compiled, formated & indexed by Rodney G. This chapter is dedicated to the Ancestors of our Daltons wives and their related families and others interesting stories. They share this distinction with Lord Henry De Chester, Jr. The 2 earliest place names were the Chapelry of Lathom, in Lancashire, England; and the town of Latham, in Yorkshire, England.

Of note is that this record of these families were taken from many, many sources and are in no way proven to be true. The first one to bear the Latham surname was a Saxon traitor named Dunning, who was living in Lancashire about the time of the Norman conquest in 1066 A. Because of his collaboration with the Normans and his betrayal of his Saxon heritage, the Normans rewarded Dunning with the lordship of the Chapelry of Lathom and its' surrounds, the title of Earl, and with a knighthood. JOHN HITE LEE was born July 30, 1797 in Westmoreland Co. He married (1) MARGARET DUDNEY OR ELIZABETH PROSSER. Note – At this point there is a problem with who the wife of John Hite Lee was.

Because he comitted suicide he wasn't allowed to be buried in the graveyard at the Chapelry Of Lathom. Hugh de Latham was born on Dec 14 1272 in Avonlea, England. He was buried on May 25 1294 in the Holy Martyrs Chapel, Igmar, Turkey. He fought and was killed in one of the last crusades. Phillip de Latham Robert de Latham, died 1325; married Katherine de Knowselegh, daughter of Sir Thomas de Knowselegh. Robert de Latham, Knight fought against the Scots in 1291, and in 1309, and was Commissioner of Array in the expedition against Robert the Bruce in 1307. He was Chief Custos of the Peace, 1323, Knight of the Shire 1324, one of the three chief arrayers of Lancaster before Queen Isabella's return in 1326. As families continued to grow and disperse, second names were sometimes modified by adding terminations. THEODORIC LEE was born September 03, 1766 in Leesylvania, Prince William Co.

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The average sized Latham family has been between 7 to 10 children. ***************************************************************** Note: Sir Henry Hussey is reportedly to be the father of Alice Hussey who married our Sir John Dalton 1st, born before 1300 in Lancashire Co. Adella Whitney Olney, a genealogist of Niland, California, suggests that the name may be derived from Heusse in the department of La Manche, France.

Early families have been founded both by landed gentry and by the lower landless classes referred to as yeoman. Child of DUNNING DE LATHAM and MARIGARD ESSEX is: i. July 04, 1073, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England; d. She married SIR ROBERT DALTON, son of SIR RICHARD DALTON II and MISS LAWRENCE. 1279 in Byspham, Lancashire Co, England, and died Abt. In an old account of the Hussey family the name is said to have been Touasi de Hosa. She was born October 1773 in Shirley Plantation, James River Co.

In early English history, 7 distinct clans of Lathams emerged and could be found in the following counties: Lancaster, which was Sir Dunnings direct decendants; York, Somerset, Chester, Essex, Worchester, Cambridge and in London. By family tradition the English Husseys were Normans, earlier Danes, and prior to that, Scandinavians who had invaded northern France and, settling there, adapted to French language and customs. October 01, 1808, Arlington Plantation, Alexandra, Fairfax Co.

Over the years the Latham family has been very prolific, and many of them produced very large families indeed! According to Stapleton's "Rotulli Scaccarii Normanniae," Osbert de Hozu, who was living in England in 1180, was so named for le Hozu, a fief in the parish of Grand Quevilly near Rouen, France.

He married HELGA DE CHESTER November 22, 1092 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. for distribution among my serfs for their good service 10 marks. to Margery, daughter of Philip, 20 shillings, and after the liquidation of my debts, I give the remainder of my goods for charitable purposes and in prayers for my soul and the soul of my wife Eleanor. The Hussey family, after the conquest, was seated in Dorsetshire, according to "Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700" by Frank P. Members of the family were frequently found in the early records of Berkshire, Wiltshire and Somersetshire, according to "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire" by Charles Thornton Libby.

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